Merit Prints 2015/16

Merit Prints

Round One

Judge: Ken Woods LRPS

1st    –  Heather and the Mist by Stephen Rogers LRPS
2nd  –  Bluebells in Binstead Woods by Wendy Eve
3rd  –  Highland Stream by Rod Armstrong

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Round Two

Judge: Robin Harmsworth

1st    – Highland Winter Morning by Rod Armstrong
2nd  – Sea Gnarled by Stephen Rogers LRPS
3rd  –  Feather Duster worm on a bed Horseshoe hard coral (Euphyllia ancora) by Wendy Eve

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Round Three

Judge:Catherine Jolly SWPP

1st   – Through the Looking Glass by Lindsey Green
2nd – White Spotted Hermit Crab – Celebes Sea by Wendy Eve
3rd – Big Sky, Northern Sweden by Chris Green

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