Landscape PDI & Prints 2016/17

The Horace Licence Memorial Shield
Landscape Prints and PDI Trophy Competitions

Landscape PDI

1st   – Morning light on the Li river China by Heather Buckle
2nd – Dolomite Limestone ridges, Lappland by Lindsey Green
3rd – Fields around Eype by Marriam Hughes

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Landscape Prints

1st   – Reaching for the light by Stephen Rogers
2nd – Houghton by Michael Dove
3rd  – Wester Ross Mountainscape by Rod Armstrong


Highly Commended (19/20 points) – Tree Pattern by Chris Kislingbury
Highly Commended (19/20 points) – The Black Forest by Raymond Teuchert
Highly Commended (19/20 points) – Early Morning Ride by Mick Merridue

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