Merit Print 2016/17

Merit Prints

Round One (5 October 2016)

Judge: Paul Dunmall

1st Place    Abandoned by Carol Spanton
2nd Place  Eastern skunk anemonefish by Wendy Eve
3rd Place   Wasdale in Red by Rod Armstrong

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Round Two (23 November 2016)

Judge: Bob Webzell ARPS

1st Place   Yellow sided Damselfish by Wendy Eve
2nd Place  Walking in Dovedale by Rod Armstrong
3rd Place   Triple fin on hard coral by Wendy Eve

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Round Three (1 March 2017)

Judge: Trevor Gellard FRPS

1st Place   San Giorgio at Night by Rod Armstrong
2nd Place  Harvest Mouse by Karen Gray
3rd Place   Ground Zero Arch NY by Chris Kislingbury

Excellent (20/20 points) – Tree Pattern by Chris Kislingbury
Excellent (20/20 points) – Common Feather Duster Worm on Boulder Star Coral by Wendy Eve
Excellent (20/20 points) – Watching by Heather Buckle

Highly Commended (19/20 points) – Fern Coral at 20 metres by Wendy Eve
Highly Commended (19/20 points) – Liberties by Michael Dove
Highly Commended (19/20 points) – New York Tugs by Chris Kislingbury
Highly Commended (19/20 points) – Over the top by Raymond Teuchert
Highly Commended (19/20 points) – Reaching for the light by Stephen Rogers
Highly Commended (19/20 points) – Font Reflections Salisbury Cathedral by Heather Buckle

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