PDI Merit 2016/17

PDI Merit 2016/17

Round One (16 November 2016)

Judge: Peter Rocchiccioli ARPS, BA Photography (Hons), AFIAP

1st Place – Tropical Butterfly by Mike Constable
2nd Place – Robin by Marion Sweeney
3rd Place – Swimming towards the sun by Wendy Eve

Excellent (20/20 points) – Stranger on the shore by Geoff Carpenter
Excellent (20/20 points) – Owl Hunting by Karen Gray
Excellent (20/20 points) – Worthing Pier by Karen Gray
Excellent (20/20 points) – The Dog and the Telescope by Howard Kendall
Excellent (20/20 points) – Roman Helmet by Sylvia Kislingbury

Highly Commended (19/20 points) – Super Scooter by Chris Green
Highly Commended (19/20 points) – Walk at Sunset by Marriam Hughes
Highly Commended (19/20 points) – Torn pieces of modern life by Howard Kendall
Highly Commended (19/20 points) – Autumn Sunlight by Chris Kislingbury
Highly Commended (19/20 points) – Resting by Ina Mackie
Highly Commended (19/20 points) – Catch of the Day by Marion Sweeney

Full Results for 1st PDI Merit

Round Two (8 March 2017)

Judge: Peter Merry

1st Place – Let me tell you by Howard Kendall
2nd Place – Hell Fire Girl by Mike Constable
3rd Place – Rooks get Busy by Lindsey Green

Excellent (20/20 points) – Download Riders by Sylvia Kislingbury
Excellent (20/20 points) – Coconut Octopus by Wendy Eve
Excellent (20/20 points) – Reef Scene in Sulawesi by Wendy Eve

Highly Commended (19/20 points) – Approaching America by Chris Kislingbury
Highly Commended (19/20 points) – Beacon by John Raymond
Highly Commended (19/20 points) – My Best Friend by Maclolm Barnett
Highly Commended (19/20 points) – New York Golden Glow by Sylvia Kislingbury
Highly Commended (19/20 points) – Otter playing with stone by Jennifer McCluskey
Highly Commended (19/20 points) – Wolf in the Snow – Dave by Jennifer McCluskey

Full Results for 2nd PDI Merit


Round Three (22 March 2017)

Judge: Catherine Jolley

1st Place – Looking Down by Chris Green
2nd Place – Play misty for me by Ina Mackie
3rd Place – Chaos Theory at Winkworth by Rod Armstrong

Excellent (20/20 points) – Harlequin shrimp by Wendy Eve
Excellent (20/20 points) – Lone tree by Sylvia Kislingbury
Excellent (20/20 points) – Spotted Flycatcher with Fly by Marion Sweeney

Excellent (20/20 points) – Fallen angel by Lindsey Green
Excellent (20/20 points) – Painted Lady by Mike Constable
Excellent (20/20 points) – Tuscan Hills by Rod Armstrong

Full Results for 3rd PDI Merit

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