Print & PDI of Year 2016/17

The Jack Thompson Memorial Cup (Prints) &
The Ron Moores Cup (PDI)
Print and PDI of the Year

PDI of the Year

Judge: Hilly Hoar

1st Place – Trees in the Mist by Chris Kislingbury
2nd Place – Roman Helmet by Sylvia Kislingbury
3rd Place – Spotted Flycatcher Landing by Malcolm Barnett

Excellent (20/20 points) – Chaos Theory at Winkworth by Rod Armstrong

Highly Commended (19/20 points) – Play misty for me by Ina Mackie
Highly Commended (19/20 points) – The hut at Rye Harbour by Geoff Carpenter
Highly Commended (19/20 points) – Hell Fire Girl by Mike Constable

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Print of the Year

Judge: Hilly Hoar

1st Place – Ground Zero Arch by Chris Kislingbury
2nd Place – Watching by Heather Buckle
3rd Place – Star by Martin Roberts

Excellent (20/20 points) – Eastern skunk anemone fish in the Celebs Sea by Wendy Eve
Excellent (20/20 points) – Over the top by Raymond Teuchert
Excellent (20/20 points) – Sparks by Raymond Teuchert

Highly Commended (19/20 points) – Bikerfly by Lindsey Green
Highly Commended (19/20 points) – Drought by Sylvia Kislingbury
Highly Commended (19/20 points) – In the harbour by Michael Dove
Highly Commended (19/20 points) – San Giorgio at Night by Rod Armstrong
Highly Commended (19/20 points) – Tree Pattern by Chris Kislingbury

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