Merit Print Competition 2018/19

Merit Print Competition (2018/19)

Round One (10th October 2018)

Judge: Robin Harmsworth

1st Place    Sun Breaking Through Mist by Chris Kislingbury
2nd Place  Translucent coral goby on a Sea Cucumber in the Lembeh Strait by Wendy Eve
3rd Place  Into the blue by John Raymond

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Round Two (21st November 2018)

Judge: Paul O’Toole

1st Place    Early Morning Wonders by Mick Merridue
2nd Place  White Spotted Hermit Crab in the Celebs Sea by Wendy Eve
3rd Place  Sunset Ripple by Lindsey Green

Highly Commended (19/20 points) – Across the Sound of Sleat by Rod Armstrong
Highly Commended (19/20 points) – Moored for the night by John Raymond

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Round Three (6 March 2019)

Judge: Rob de Ruiter ARPS

1st Place    Plaza de Espana, Seville by David Leighton
2nd Place  Little Egret by Chris Kislingbury
3rd Place  Slopes of Blaven by Rod Armstrong

Excellent (20/20 points) – Dog level, Camden by Lindsey Green

Highly Commended (19/20 points) – We fought them in the fields by John Raymond
Highly Commended (19/20 points) – High Movers at Worthing Rugby Club by Lindsey Green
Highly Commended (19/20 points) – Network Pipefish, Lembeh Strait by Wendy Eve
Highly Commended (19/20 points) – Thornback Cowfish, Lembeh Strait by Wendy Eve

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