Guide to External Competitions

Guide to External Competitions

A. Sussex Photographic Federation

The Sussex Photographic Federation is open to all Camera Clubs and amateur photographic organisations in Sussex and holds two competitions each year, one in March and the other in November, one for prints and one for PDIs.

Each competition is split in to two categories, one for developers and the other an open category. Six images are required for each category with a minimum of five photographers. All member clubs are entitled to enter each competition and take turns on an organising rota.

More details about the Sussex Photographic Federation competitions can be found here.


B. Regnum Crouch

This group was started about 1950 by Chichester Camera Club and consist of Chichester, Littlehampton, Southwick, Storrington, Henfield, Mid-Sussex, Steyning and Worthing camera Clubs.

Two competitions are held each year, the Regnum print competition and the Crouch Shield projected image competition. Eight images are required for each competition from a minimum of four photographers with no more than two images from any one photographer.

More details about the Regnum Crouch competitions can be found here.


Mix and Match 

These inter club competitions are held between three clubs and are a light hearted evening where, for once, heckling of the judge is not only allowed but very much encouraged. Each club has a library of 40 images which should be of a weird and wacky nature. Each club takes it in turn to project an image which the other two clubs try and ‘match’ from their library of images. It may ‘match’ in subject, colour of some other more obscure way. It is then up to the judge to decide if they feel there is a ‘match’ and if so those clubs are awarded points. If no ‘match’ is made the club projecting the first image is awarded the points. Obviously as the evening progresses finding a match from your depleting library of images becomes more and more difficult.


Three Way Competition

These ‘postal’ competitions are held between ourselves and two other clubs in other parts of the British Isles. Each club enters twenty PDIs and all sixty images are then judged at each club at different times of the season. After they have been judged by all three clubs the combined scores are added together to ascertain the winning club.


Selection of Images for External Competitions

A selection panel is elected at our AGM and it is their responsibility to select what they feel are appropriate images for each competition. Members will be requested to bring in any images they wish to be considered for selection prior to each competition.