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This section of our web site will be dedicated to our Developers to show how they are developing.
If you would like to join the group please see Adrian Barrett on a club night for information.

Developers Group 2016/17

Developer’s Group meeting Thursday 20th April 2017

Tonight Adrian helped us to take some still life pictures with different lighting sources, weather it was a single point source or even multi point from a phone or ipad. By moving the source we were able to create some interesting images and by post processing with layers and a couple of images create some interesting work.

We also had a very good demonstration by Debra Flynn on how to set up a portrait to create an image of someone looking through a window with rain on it. We all had a chance to try this out and take our own version of the portrait.

1st Developer’s Group meeting of the 2016/17 Season. 

The Developer’s Group held their first meeting of the season on Thursday 29th Sept and the members were given four different work stations to take a variety of images.

The four stations consisted of:

1. Woodworking tools, a black background and two torches with coloured gels. This station was to experiment with painting with light using just the torches and gels, no flash guns or ambient light.

2. A sheet of glass, a background image, a glass of water and a pipette. The idea was to create water droplets on the glass suspended above the background image and then photograph the droplets using ambient light only.

3. A shiny black tile and kitchen objects. Members were encouraged to create a still life set up using objects that can be found in most homes and to be as creative as possible again just using ambient light.

4. A slightly more difficult set up of a flower with water drops on and a second flower positioned behind the first. The idea being to photograph the flower and droplets with the second flower’s image refracted within the droplet.

All the above can be achieved without any specialist equipment so please be encouraged to have a go.

Below are some of the images taken on the night.

Developer’s Group Coordinator.


Please visit this page again as we will be adding more photos soon