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Summer Cup 2018/2019 Subjects

The subjects for the 2018/2019 Summer Cup are are:

  1. Blue Hour
  2. Two Thirds One Third (no Landscapes)
  3. Past It’s Best
  4. The Height of Fashion
  5. Levitating
  6. Contre-jour

Submit PDIs for only three of the six subjects. The title of the image should include the subject as listed above; for example if the subject of your image is Levitating, then your image would be called:

5.FirstName LastName%Levitating.jpg.

Ideally images should be taken during the summer break but that’s not part of the rules. The Summer Cup will be awarded for the best set of three PDIs.

Please check the Competition Rules for clarification.
Check the updated Guide for preparing Projected Digital Images (PDIs) for PDI naming and resolution standards.